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Employer Identification Number for Non-U.S. Citizens

An EIN (Employer Identification Number) is a tax identification number that the IRS (Internal Revenue Service in the United States of America) uses to track….

The Cosmic Village Is A Scale Model Of Egypt And Its Monuments

When travelling to and from Egypt by air you may notice from the airplane window an area near the pyramids of Giza that looks like….

How To Open An Egyptian Bank Account

If you want to open a bank account in Egypt, the process is very simple. Egyptian banks allow both Egyptians and non-Egyptian citizens to open….

The Meaning Of The Word Facebook

Facebook is the largest, most successful and popular social media communication website ever. The word “facebook” refers now to the website but that word had….

Brilliant Egyptian Plumber

Egyptian plumber got the respect and admiration of thousands of people on social media after sharing a picture of his work. Egyptian people’s houses are….

Saudi Prince Puts Sheep Inside His Rolls-Royce Protesting Poor Service

A new video has gone viral on social media in the Middle East, a Saudi Arabian prince puts sheep and fodder in his luxury Rolls-Royce….

Egyptian Mahragan Songs

Mahragan is a new type of songs in Egypt started in 2007, it became a form of folk music like the Raï music in Algeria or….

Red Meat Risks And Benefits

Humans consumed meat since primitive times, but eating meat before the appearance of technology and science is different than today. Animals in the past was….

Egyptian Actor Buys Two Luxury Supercars On The Same Day

The Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan who played the main role in the successful Egyptian TV series “Al-Ostora” which means the legend. Ramadan bought a Lamborghini….

Why Do Arabs Grow Beard

Beard has always been a symbol for the Arabian man; it was reflected in the Arabian literature and poetry as a symbol of masculinity. In….

Uses Of The African Moringa Plant In Egypt

The chairman of the Scientific Society for Moringa, Dr. Abou El-Fetouh Abdullah stated that the Moringa seeds can be used to purify drinking water at….

Egypt’s Most Famous Beloved Singer Abdel Halim Hafez

Abdel Halim Hafez is one of the iconic singers in Egypt and the Middle East. He was also an actor who played several roles in….

Dry Skin Causes And Prevention

Dry skin is always itchy. In general, dry skin can be treated through natural factors. It is usually a temporary condition which occur as a….

We Don’t Know The Causes Of The Ice Age

There are too many answers for the cause of the Ice Age. The scientist Milutin Milankovitch was the first one to come with an answer….

We Can’t Predict Earthquakes Timing

Human understanding of earth’s movements started to occur somehow late. Only in the year 1912 when Alfred Wegener discovered the fact that continents were joined….

World’s First Donkey Contest

Old historic Egyptian book tells the story of a French who bought 50 Egyptian Donkeys. More than 126 years ago, the Egyptian writer Mohammed Amin Fekry….

Ramez Galal The Most Famous Arabic Prankster

Ramez Galal is a very famous Egyptian actor and prankster who is well known of playing very dangerous pranks on his celebrity friends that appears….

The Egyptian Version of Marilyn Monroe

Have you ever heard about the Egyptian actress Hind Rostom, she is one of the great icons of the classical Egyptian cinema which is considered….

The daughters of Superman

Do you know that there is a new comedy series about Superman and his daughters in Egypt, but as you may guess this fictional comedy….

Rich Kuwaiti guy marries four young ladies in one night!

This story has been trending on social media in the last few days; people all over the Arab world are sharing these photos of a….

Beautiful celebrities of the Arab world

When talking about celebrities in the Arab world and the Middle East you will find a lot of beautiful female celebrities especially from Lebanon. Haifa….

List of international banks in Egypt

When talking about banking in Egypt The National Bank of Egypt is considered the oldest and the largest bank in Egypt founded in 1898 and….

International time difference GMT and UTC

Due to the spinning of planet Earth, its orbit around the sun and the alternation of night and day there is always a difference in….

Water resistant watch instructions

When buying a new water resistant watch you have to understand the instructions and the numbers written on your watch to make sure not to….

In japan there are 67 flavors for Fanta

Fanta is a very popular soft drink worldwide and it is known for having innovative flavors in each country. In Japan the number of available….