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Brilliant Egyptian Plumber

Brilliant Egyptian Plumber organize water pipes

Egyptian plumber got the respect and admiration of thousands of people on social media after sharing a picture of his work. Egyptian people’s houses are mainly medium sized apartments in residential buildings with an average of 10 floors. These apartments share the same water source per each building and the distribution of the pipes can always be done by local plumbers. This kind of work in Egypt is always done randomly by local plumbers contracted separately by each apartment and the result is always unorganized pipes as it appear in the following photo.

unorganized water pipes plumber work in Egypt

This organized professional work of water pipes done by local plumber seems to be rare in Egypt, he gained the admiration and respect of thousands only few hours after sharing a picture of his work on social media. The unnamed plumber’s work was shared by Ayman Abowarda who has +150K followers on Facebook, Ayman invited his followers to share the brilliant plumber work as he deserved to be known. People admired the work of the plumber and said that it is not important to be a doctor or an engineer, the most important thing is to be interested and love your work.

The unnamed plumber was able to organize 22 water pipe line for a residential building in a very neat way. People was surprised that a local worker can do this kind of work. Hours after sharing his work Egyptian newspapers like Alwafd began to talk about him in recognition of his work.