The Cosmic Village Is A Scale Model Of Egypt And Its Monuments

Mini map of Egypt, the Cosmic Village aerial footage

When travelling to and from Egypt by air you may notice from the airplane window an area near the pyramids of Giza that looks like a mini map of Egypt. The area clearly resembles a map of Egypt with the river Nile, Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea. This area is called the Cosmic Village.

The Cosmic Village in Egypt

The cosmopolitan village or The Cosmic Village is a scale model of Egypt with all its archaeological and cultural features. you can walk along the banks of a scale model of the Nile River and you can see scale models of each of the pyramids of Giza and The Citadel of Salah Ed-Din as well as the Pharaonic temples such as the Temple of Abidos, Dandara, Hatshepsut, Edfu and Philae. There is even a scale model of Aswan High Dam.

The Cosmic Village is considered an educational place about Egypt and its history for young children and adults. It is located in the area of 6th of October west of Cairo and it is considered a scale model of Egypt.

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