Dry Skin Causes And Prevention

Dry Skin

Dry skin is always itchy. In general, dry skin can be treated through natural factors. It is usually a temporary condition which occur as a result to a dry or hot environment. Severe dry skin can be divided into a series of genetically inherited disorders such as a condition called Ichthyosis.

The cause of dry skin is that the skin becomes very dry when it loses the natural oils that maintain moisture. Using soap excessively can make this condition come up. Other causes can be dehydration, weather and staying in place with a heating system for a long time. Excessive sunbathing without the use of proper sun screens and lotions can cause dry skin.

There are some inherited conditions such as Hypothyroidism or Sjogren’s syndrome, which may be associated with dry skin. The most annoying thing related to dry skin is itchiness.


Use cream containing lactic acid and urea, also you can use petroleum jelly based ointments as this will help the skin keeps its moisture. Avoid sunbathes and excessive water use, also avoid the contact with detergents and perfumes. try to always wear gentle fabrics like 100% cotton clothes.

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