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Egyptian Mahragan Songs

Oka and Ortega Mahragan songs band

Mahragan is a new type of songs in Egypt started in 2007, it became a form of folk music like the Raï music in Algeria or Rap in america. The word “Mahragan” in Arabic it means festival.

The first Egyptian Mahragan song was dedicated to support the Egyptian national soccer team during the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification. Many Egyptian DJs entered the field of Mahragan songs and gained a huge fame in the Egyptian streets especially in the slum and rural areas. Mahragan songs also became a part of modern Egyptian drama series and cinema where some of the theme songs for the movies produced after 2010 are actually Mahragan songs. Also Mahragan songs became a part of Egyptian TV commercials in the past few years, also it is always played during wedding ceremonies in slum areas.

Mahragan songs depend on chanted rhyming lyrics similar to rap in addition to Techno music in the background produced by means of computer software. Most of the topics of the lyrics are about friendship, people of the slum areas, proverbs and famous Egyptian Mawwal. The most famous Egyptian Mahragan bands are “Oka and Ortega”, “Shobeek Lobeek” and “Madfa3gya”.