How To Open An Egyptian Bank Account


If you want to open a bank account in Egypt, the process is very simple. Egyptian banks allow both Egyptians and non-Egyptian citizens to open bank accounts in Egypt. You can open a bank account with Egyptian pound EGP or any other major currencies like USD or Euro. You can even open an Egyptian bank account without visiting Egypt, some Egyptian banks will allow you to open a bank account through postal service and the documents paper work will be completed through the Egyptian embassy.

Opening Egyptian Bank Account Required Documents For Egyptian Citizens

  • For Egyptian citizens all you need is a proof of identity like national ID card or a passport.
  • For Egyptian citizens outside Egypt they will have to send a mail with a request to open the bank account (some additional documents may be required according to each bank rules)

Opening Egyptian Bank Account For non-Egyptians

Non-Egyptian citizens from foreign countries can easily open an Egyptian bank accounts with their passport only. National Egyptian banks like “The National Bank Of Egypt” and “Banque Misr” will allow you to easily open a bank account with your passport only. You can also review a list of international banks operating in Egypt.

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