International time difference GMT and UTC

International time GMT and UTC

Due to the spinning of planet Earth, its orbit around the sun and the alternation of night and day there is always a difference in timing between countries based on there geographical location and their longitudinal position.

When telling the time internationally indicating the time difference between countries we use the Greenwich Mean Time with the abbreviation GMT. Greenwich is a district in London the capital of the UK and its timing is used as a standard to compare the international timing differences.

Cities located on the map east of Greenwich, London based on the longitudinal location will have an advancement in time compared to Greenwich so these cities timing will have the timing GMT + as the sun rise in these cities earlier than Greenwich. On the other hand cities located based on longitudinal position west of Greenwich, London will have delay in timing compared to Greenwich because the sun rises in London earlier compared to these cities that will have a timing GMT -.

The timing system used in aviation is the same and it use the abbreviation UTC that stands for Universal Time Coordinated. UTC is the same as GMT and it is used since 1960 so the timing in London will be UTC + or – 0. The following table show the difference in timing between major cities of the world.

Difference in timing based on GMT Cities that follow this timing
GMT-12 Eniwetok, Kwajalein
GMT-11 Midway Islands, Samoa
GMT-10 Hawaii
GMT-9 Alaska
GMT-8 Pacific Time (US and Canada), Tijuana
GMT-7 Mountain Time (US and Canada)
GMT-6 Central Time (US and Canada), Mexico City, Saskatchewan
GMT-5 Eastern Time (US and Canada), Bogota, Lima
GMT-4 The timing of the Atlantic (Canada), Caracas, La Paz
GMT-3.5 Newfoundland
GMT-3 Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Georgetown
GMT-2 Mid-Atlantic
GMT-1 Azores, Cape Verde Islands
GMT + 0 Greenwich Mean Time … Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Lisbon, Casablanca
GMT + 1 Berlin, Stockholm, Rome, Vienna, Paris, Madrid, Prague, Warsaw
GMT + 2 Athens, Helsinki, Istanbul, Cairo, Eastern Europe, Pretoria, Israel
GMT + 3 Baghdad, Kuwait, Nairobi, Riyadh, Moscow, St. Petersburg
GMT + 3.5 Tehran
GMT + 4 Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Tbilisi, Kazan, Volgograd
GMT + 4.5 Kabul
GMT + 5 Islamabad, Karachi, Ekaterinburg, Tashkent
GMT + 5.5 Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, New Delhi, Colombo
GMT + 6 Almaty, Dhaka
GMT + 7 Bangkok, Jakarta
GMT + 8 Beijing, Hong Kong, Perth, Singapore, Taipei
GMT + 9 Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Seoul, Yakutsk
GMT + 9.5 Adelaide, Darwin
GMT + 10 Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Guam, Vladivostok
GMT + 11 Magadan, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia
GMT + 12 Wellington, Auckland, Fiji, Marshall Islands and Kamchatka

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