List of international banks in Egypt


When talking about banking in Egypt The National Bank of Egypt is considered the oldest and the largest bank in Egypt founded in 1898 and issued the first Egyptian Pound banknote in 1899 before the establishment of The Central Bank of Egypt in 1961. The Central Bank of Egypt acts as a regulator for the banking system in Egypt and for any international bank working in Egypt it must be registered at the Central Bank of Egypt.

The following table contains a list of the international banks working in Egypt and registered at the central bank.

Bank Name Date of registeration at The Central Bank of Egypt
Barclays 13 August 1975
Citibank 16 October 1975
Crédit Agricole 12 May 1977
HSBC 15 July 1982

 The four listed banks are the major international banks working in Egypt but there are several other local and multinational banks that works in Egypt to meet local and international banking needs.

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