The Meaning Of The Word Facebook

Facebook Website

Facebook is the largest, most successful and popular social media communication website ever. The word “facebook” refers now to the website but that word had a different meaning before the advent of the internet and social media websites.

Meaning of the word “facebook”

Facebook or face-book was always used to describe yearbooks. A yearbook is a book full of portrait images with faces and names used by universities and schools in many countries especially in the USA. The yearbook was issued to all students after graduation to remember their colleagues.

Student Yearbook

Why Facebook is named Facebook ?

When asking why facebook is called facebook you may find the answer by looking in the history of this social media website creation. Facebook was originally established by Mark Zuckerberg as a way of communication between university students before it was available to the public in 2006 to sign up with their email address. The main concept of Facebook was based on the profile of each user and of course the user’s profile picture that identifies him or her. The website was first launched between Harvard University students and its purpose and name was quite similar to the old printed yearbook or Face-book as it used pictures of students and names.

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