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Ramez Galal The Most Famous Arabic Prankster

Ramez Galal famous Egyptian prankster joking with Steven Seagal

Ramez Galal is a very famous Egyptian actor and prankster who is well known of playing very dangerous pranks on his celebrity friends that appears on his prank shows on TV. He became well known outside the Arab world and the Middle East recently after playing pranks on Hollywood celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Antonio Banderas and Steven seagal.

Ramez Galal was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1973. He is from an artistic family, his father is the Egyptian director Ahmed Galal, and his brother is the famous Egyptian actor Yasser Galal. He started acting in comedy movies since 2001 and he played his first main role in movies in the year 2007.

His career as a prankster and TV show presenter

In 2009, he started his TV shows career by presenting his show “Ramez Around The World” where he travelled to different countries around the world with many funny situations, talking with normal people in different countries with different cultures. In 2010, he presented the show “Ramez in America” where he traveled to the United States of America showing the monuments and the cool things in America.

Before that, Ramez was known to play pranks when being hosted in TV shows. In the year 2011, he started his own dangerous TV show where he played pranks on his celebrity friends. The first show was named “Ramez The Heart of The Lion”; the main idea of the show is that the celebrity visits a hotel without him or her knowing that there are cameras everywhere. The celebrity then enters the elevator where it stops working in the wrong floor and the door opens. Behind the door there is a circus lion waiting for the celebrity as a part of the prank and the elevator door opens and closes for several times to scare the celebrity. The prank show has achieved a great success all over Egypt and other Arabian countries. At the end of each episode of the show, Ramez appears to the celebrity and the celebrity starts yelling at him due to anger.

Lion elevator prank In the year, 2012 Ramez started the show “Ramez The Desert Fox” where he played a hijacking prank with machine guns on a bus carrying a celebrity in a desert road. The prank show has the intent to scare the celebrity quite the same as the previous show.

bus hijacking prank

In the year 2013, Ramez started the prank show “Ramezankhamun” derived from the name of the Egyptian pharaoh king Tutankhamun. The show idea was totally unique it is all about deceiving the celebrity that he or she is going to make a documentary film with the famous Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass who participated in the prank in the location of a mummy tomb where the door of the tomb closed suddenly and the celebrity stay alone in the dark tomb with the mummy. The funny part of the show is that Ramez Galal hides inside the tomb wearing a mummy costume and starts scaring the celebrity in the dark. The show was also very successful featuring pranks on many Arabian celebrities like the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe.

Egyptian mummy prank show

In the year 2014 Ramez came with a totally new prank idea using a shark shaped submarine. By inviting the celebrity to visit the Red Sea as a part of the prank where the celebrity’s small boat starts to sink and some professional sea divers mess with the celebrity from under the sea by sending fake body parts of the alleged drowning hostess with fake blood as a part of the prank. Ramez appears at the end of the prank riding a shark shaped submarine. The show was named “Ramez The Shark of The Sea”.

fake shark attack prank

In the year 2015 Ramez made a prank where he disguise as an old man or a lady sitting next to the celebrity in a small airplane that suffers a fake engine failure. The prank was performed by professional pilot who puts the plane in stall then professional skydivers disguised and sitting in the same plane starts to jump. The show was filmed in Dubai featuring many celebrities including the famous reality show star Paris Hilton. The show name was in Arabic of course and it implies the meaning of “Ramez Dominates The Air”.

Paris Hilton Egyptian TV prank

This year 2016, Ramez made a prank show with the idea of a burning hotel in Morocco. The celebrity enters the hotel for a TV interview and then the room catches a fake fire where Ramez enters the room several minutes later disguised in Moroccan firefighter costume. The show name was “Ramez Playing With Fire” featuring Arab and Hollywood celebrities including Antonio Banderas and Steven Seagal.

Egyptian TVprank show featuring Steven Seagal and Antonio Banderas

In 2017 Ramez Galal came back with a new prank show called “Ramez Underground”. Celebrities are taken in a 4-wheel drive vehicle around the desert and sand dunes then during the prank the car stop in a fake quick sand. In the prank the car completely sink in the fake quick sand and Ramez appears to be disguised in a professional Komodo dragon lizard costume scaring the guest. A lot of Arab celebrities appeared in this show in addition to the Indian movie actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Ramez underground prank 2017