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Rich Kuwaiti guy marries four young ladies in one night!

Kuwaiti guy marries 4 girls in one wedding

This story has been trending on social media in the last few days; people all over the Arab world are sharing these photos of a rich Kuwaiti guy marrying four beautiful young ladies in one night and one wedding ceremony.

A Kuwaiti newspaper called “Al-Raey” stated that this young man gone through a failed marriage, separated from his wife after only a few months of marriage. The newspaper also stated that his Ex-Wife told him that no other girl will ever accept to marry him and he will stay forever alone.

The man challenged his Ex-wife and told her that he would marry four beautiful young girls in one night. He allegedly paid 500 thousands KWD as dowry for his new wives, he also paid another 100 thousands KWD for spending the honeymoon with his new wives. It is worth mentioning that polygamy is very common in the Arab Gulf countries.

After further scrutiny of this news, it turned out to be a hoax made by the man appearing in the picture and his real wife who appears right behind him. They were attending a fashion event dedicated to wedding dresses and decided to take these pictures as a joke to post it on social media. The photos went viral on Facebook and Twitter all over the Arab world, people thought that this man married the four young ladies in the same night but it turned out that he is only married to the first woman appearing beside him and they were just joking.

Source: Akhbar Alyoum Egyptian newspaper.