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The daughters of Superman

The Daughters of Superman TV series

Do you know that there is a new comedy series about Superman and his daughters in Egypt, but as you may guess this fictional comedy series is in Arabic and it is not even produced by DC Comics it is produced by an Egyptian production company called E-Producers.

The story line of this Egyptian Comedy TV series involves the legendary Superman who was assigned a mission by the president of the United States America to retrieve a winch from Tahrir square, as it is a property of the U.S government.

Superman then flies to Egypt and meets with Egyptian government official who will assign an employee to stay with superman and guide him in his visit to Egypt. The Egyptians advise Superman to get rid of his costume as it is inappropriate and looks like an underwear, they gave him clothes that made him look like an Arabian tourist from the Arabian Gulf countries.

Superman goes to a night club where he have an affair with an Egyptian woman for one night and then leaves Egypt, leaving only a business card with a Superman’s logo. This woman discovers that she became pregnant with a Quadruplets pregnancy case and her daughter’s father is the legendary Superman.

The previous part represents only the first episode of the series, which is not talking mainly about Superman; it is talking about his daughters who live in Egypt with their superpowers trying to avoid bad guys who are trying to abuse their powers. You can watch a summary of this TV series on Youtube.