Uses Of The African Moringa Plant In Egypt

Moringa Seeds Purify Water

The chairman of the Scientific Society for Moringa, Dr. Abou El-Fetouh Abdullah stated that the Moringa seeds can be used to purify drinking water at homes and in distant areas without drinking water supply. The process is simple by soaking 2 to 5 Moringa seeds in 200 ml of water after peeling the seeds and grinding them. The seeds must be covered with medical gauze and be left in water for about 3 hours or more.

He stated that this quantity of Moringa seeds can purify 5 liters of turbid water in 2 hours and it can kill bacteria by a percentage from 90 to 99% without any side effects. He said that the Moringa is available in the Egyptian market at the stores specialized in selling seeds and herbs with affordable prices. This was said at the seminar held at the Egyptian National Research Center with the title “Scientific Importance And Benefit From The Moringa plant”.

Dr Abou El-Fetouh stated that the Moringa acts like a net that purify water from precipitations and it also has a bactericidal effect. He also said that the Moringa is used in water purification in Egypt by researchers since 1995. The seminar also discussed the uses of Moringa in killing fungi that affects plants and the uses of the Moringa seeds in feeding animals. Source: Ahram Agriculture Newspaper

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