Water resistant watch instructions

water resistant watch

When buying a new water resistant watch you have to understand the instructions and the numbers written on your watch to make sure not to misuse your new watch. Water resistant watches are not all the same as there is differences in durability and the depth of water that it can handle. All water resistant watches have number in bars or atmospheres (units) engraved on the back side of the watch to indicate how much depth it can resist. Some watches have the sentence ‘water resistant’ written somewhere without indicating how much depth it can resist, these kind of watches can resist splashes of water only (weak water resistant watches). If you can’t find anything written on your watch to indicate water resistance then your water is not water resistant at all and it can stop working from body sweat. Below is a complete table to guide you about different water activities that different water resistant watches can handle.

Numbers engraved on the rear side with the unit Atmosphere Nothing 5 Atmosphere 10 Atmosphere 20 Atmosphere
Numbers engraved on the rear side with the unit BAR Nothing 5 BAR 10 BAR 20 BAR
Distance indicated on the front side Water resistant without distance indication 50 meters 100 meters 200 meters 300 meters or more
Washing hands or rain yes yes yes yes yes
Swimming No yes yes yes yes
Windsurfing or snorkeling No No yes yes yes
Diving in the swimming pool No No yes yes yes
Deep diving No No No No yes

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