We Can’t Predict Earthquakes Timing


Human understanding of earth’s movements started to occur somehow late. Only in the year 1912 when Alfred Wegener discovered the fact that continents were joined as one land once in the past. in the sixties the US navy discovered that the bottom of the ocean composed of mountains and it is not a smooth surface as it had been assumed. Scientists concluded that this was a result of volcanic and earthquake activity.

Scientists then came with the plate tectonics theory which explains the large-scale motion of the Earth’s layers. People now know that earthquakes occur when two plates of the earth are rubbing against each other. For now we can’t predict accurately when an earthquake would occur. Scientists can know for example the places where earthquakes more likely to occur soon, this could be in the next 24 hours or the next 30 years or anytime between. They really can’t determine that till now.

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