Why Do Arabs Grow Beard

Zayed the Arabian man who founded the United Arab Emirates

Beard has always been a symbol for the Arabian man; it was reflected in the Arabian literature and poetry as a symbol of masculinity. In The Arab Gulf States there is a popular expression “The most valuable hair, the beard hair”, it is thought that the beard makes the men more handsome and increase their attendance.

Arabs had grown their beard, even before the existence of Islam. Most of the Arab men in the Middle East, especially the Arab Gulf states grow beard as an old Arabian habit inherited from old Arab tribes ages ago, although growing beard in our time may be eventually related to religion. Most men who grow and trim their beard in Arab countries do this for style or as an Arabian tradition known in the gulf region.

In other Arabian countries in North Africa like Egypt, growing moustache is the tradition. Moustache represents a symbol of pride and dignity for men in Upper Egypt to this day. People around the world have variable traditions, which may have an impact on people’s actions to date.

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