World’s First Donkey Contest


Old historic Egyptian book tells the story of a French who bought 50 Egyptian Donkeys. More than 126 years ago, the Egyptian writer Mohammed Amin Fekry the judge of the Egyptian court of appeals at that time monitored The Egyptian delegation’s trip to Europe to attend the Conference of Orientalists in 1893. This was through his book “ALBA guidance to the pros of Europe”.
His book describes the European countries more than a century ago, stating its landmarks and scientific inventions. The book also describes the daily life in the European cities and how the people appreciate life and its joy. The book focuses on the monitoring of the Egyptian delegation trip to Paris, capital of France, the exhibition held in France, which hosted several countries such as Japan, China, Marrakesh, Iran, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina and some African countries, which was occupied by France at the time, to showcase their products and agricultural crops.

In the page, 133 of the book the author stated that the Baron De Loë bought 50 white donkeys from Egypt alongside some animal barbers and veterinarians. The baron used these donkeys to organize a special contest where he set a price for a donkey ride (1 French Franc). That was considered the first donkey contest in the world.

Fekry the author of the book stated that the donkeys had no time to rest not even a minute. This made the organizer of the event to issue an order to only use the donkeys at certain hours of the day. The Baron did not suffer any loss from this decision as he changed the fees of donkey ride to half franc, while decreasing the distance made by the donkey. That increased the profit of the baron as people became more interested in the contest.

The author describes France and Paris that days and how he was amused by the wheelchair for the handicapped, which was a new invention at that time.

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