Unlock Any Samsung Android Device After Forgetting Password Lock Pattern

Android Screen Pattern Lock

Sometimes you may get stuck and locked out your Samsung device with Android operating system as you forgot your password, pin or pattern. Your Samsung Android device will ask you to enter your Google Account credentials to regain access to your device by your Google Account.

Some users forget both the password pattern, the pin and their Google account credentials all of them. There is one solution in this situation that will return your device to the factory stock condition and erase all data but you will get access to your phone again. Press and hold the Volume Up + Power + Home buttons, the phone will restart don’t release the buttons until the phone enters the recovery mode.

Enter Recovery Mode Samsung Device

Recovery Mode Samsung

In most models the Touchscreen will not work in the recovery mode, so you will navigate through choices by pressing volume up and down buttons. You make a selection by pressing the power button one time.

All you have to do to unlock your phone and regain access after loosing the password is to choose “wipe data/factory reset” from the recovery menu then select “yes” and your phone will erase all personal data and installed apps. After the wipe data process finish you will choose Reboot system now from the recovery menu and the system will reboot. By this guide you will regain access to your phone and be able to choose another Google Account for your Android phone.

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