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How To Transfer Your Domain Name To Another Company

In this tutorial we will overview the required steps to move your domain name from one registrar to another. This guide will work in different….

Guide To Useful SSH Commands

SSH is a very useful and secure connection to control your own web sever remotely. On Windows you can use PuTTY to connect to your….

Make Your WordPress Theme Support AMP

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source project which allows publishers and webmasters to make a modified version of their pages in a….

Reliable ICANN Domain Registrars Outside The United States

Considering you are trying to establish your own internet business by registering your own domain name, you will definitely need a domain registrar accredited by….

WordPress Search And Replace All Posts

When managing a large WordPress website with a huge number of posts it will not be easy to change data inside each post. This would….

WordPress Installation Guide

WordPress is the number one web cms used to operate large number of websites on the internet. You can easily install WordPress on any Apache….

What Is MarkMonitor ?

MarkMonitor is an American company which offers brand protection service against fraud and cybersquatting, it is the ICANN accredited domain registrar for the largest internet….

Volume Difference Between Standard And Micro Forex Accounts

Many Forex brokers now offer the option to choose between opening a standard lot Forex account and micro Forex account. In standard Forex accounts 1 Lot….

Fix WordPress 404 Error In All Pages And Posts

WordPress is the number one used CMS for most websites and blogs on the internet. You may face a problem that your website gives a 404….

Arabs Write Arabic Using English Letters And Numbers Franco-Arabic

You may have noticed people on the social media from the middle east and Arabic speaking countries use words with English letters and numbers in….

Fiat Chrysler Challenging Hackers

Most modern vehicles has a sophisticated computer on board. Fiat-Chrysler car company announced a challenge to computer hackers to make sure that their vehicle on….

New Helium Reserve Discovered In Africa

Most folks come upon helium in balloons, however the gas has a ways greater treasured uses than simply to inflate celebration favors. Helium is an inert gas….

Multi Web Search Tool From One Place

Siteawy’s multi web search box acts as an internet shortcut that will help you searching the web using major search engines and websites from one….

Search Engine Optimization basics

Whether you are a new webmaster or planning to launch your own website, the first thing you will think of is how to make your….

Convert all HTTP links to HTTPS using JavaScript

In some cases you may need to use JavaScript to convert all instance of links from HTTP to HTTPS. You will need such code only….

Add SEO Breadcrumbs to phpBB

Search engine optimization may be a challenge especially when editing web cms files to follow standard guidelines. phpBB is a very good open source forum….

Guide to migrate Blogger mobile website to WordPress

When migrating your blog from the Blogger platform to WordPress you may decide to maintain Blogger mobile links with the URL parameter (m=1). The main….

Guide how to verify your Facebook page with a blue tick

When moderating a Facebook business or fan page you may think about the blue verification badge that appears next to the name of verified Facebook….

Encrypt your WiFi

If you did not encrypt your home WiFi router connection then you are leaving your home Internet connection exposed to the whole neighborhood. This situation….

How to buy and own a website

If you are willing to write and publish web content then you need a website. Creating a website on the Internet is quite easy but….

Who owns the Internet ?

Do you ever asked yourself Who owns the Internet ?, is it a big enterprise ?. The short answer is nobody owns the Internet as….