How to buy and own a website


If you are willing to write and publish web content then you need a website. Creating a website on the Internet is quite easy but you need to understand the available options and be the familiar with the whole system.

Any website consists of three main parts:

  • The Domain name
  • DNS
  • The web space
  • CMS (main website files)

Domain names are organized by the ICANN which oversees the process of selling domain names, but you can’t buy a domain name directly from the ICANN as its role is confined in the process of the supervision and accreditation only. Domain names can be in the extensions .com, .org, .net and many other new extensions. To buy a domain name you need to deal with an accredited domain name registrar and there are thousands of these registrars accredited by the ICANN you only have to choose the best for you as there is a variation in prices between domain registrars.

After you got your domain name you need a web space to serve your content to your users as the domain name role is to offer an easy memorable name that will connect your visitors to your web space IP address. The web space can be your own web server that you maintain by yourself (expensive and exhausting method) or you can rent your web space from a large web hosting company that will offer you a space on their servers or large data centers.
When buying a hosting space you need to balance your needs against the price, there is a shared hosting where you share a web server with other customers on the same web hosting company or you can buy a dedicated hosting which will be expensive as the hosting company will dedicate a server with a unique IP address just for you. Some web hosting companies offer a dedicated IP address for shared hosting planes with extra fees.

To link your Domain name with your hosting space (web space) you need to be familiar with DNS (Domain Name System) as this is the system used to connect domain names with their corresponding servers. DNS is configured by adding records Such as “A” records that consists of the domain name and the corresponding IP address of the server. Many Domain registrars, web hosting companies and Internet service providers (ISP) offers free guides and tutorials on how to easily configure DNS for your website.

How DNS works

After linking your domain name with your web hosting using DNS you need to set up your website and this step will be done on your server or web hosting. Many web hosting companies offer a free one click install buttons for popular web CMS (content management system) on your server to start publishing your content instantly. Web CMS is the online tool that will offer you convenience in publishing your content on the Internet. Popular CMS like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress allow users with little web design experience to maintain their websites.

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