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Encrypt your WiFi

Router WiFi connected devices IP

If you did not encrypt your home WiFi router connection then you are leaving your home Internet connection exposed to the whole neighborhood. This situation will be a complete fail as anyone can access your router and connect using your own Internet subscription, by this anyone can increase the load on your bandwidth and use your own IP address which you are responsible of. Also leaving your WiFi connection not encrypted exposes you to hackers as anyone can intercept and spy on your activities when using your own Internet connection.

You just need to encrypt your WiFi connection with one of the available protocols and it is a quite easy process. First of all you need to find your router IP address to connect to your router using the web interface by typing the IP address in your browser. The router IP address can be one of the following based on its brand.


These are the most common IP addresses but you can always easily find the default IP address for your router by reading the use manual or by starting Run >> CMD then type “ipconfig” and you should find your router’s IP address written next to default gateway.

Enter your router IP address into your browser to navigate through the web interface then you will be asked for the default User and Password for your router. The common credentials for the default Administrator account for most routers is

User: admin Pass: admin


User: admin Pass: password

or you can easily find your default router password on the following link. After that head to the WiFi section in the user interface and choose the encryption method WPA2-PSK as it is the most common and secure encryption method for your WiFi connection then choose a suitable password.