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Fiat Chrysler Challenging Hackers

Jeep Grand Cherokee produced by Fiat Chrysler

Most modern vehicles has a sophisticated computer on board. Fiat-Chrysler car company announced a challenge to computer hackers to make sure that their vehicle on board computer is secure. The company is offering a bounty up to 1500$ to any white hat hacker who would find vulnerabilities in their car system.

Fiat-Chrysler is making this to ensure that their vehicle security system is tough enough to prevent professional hackers. When vulnerabilities are found and reported it will be fixed by the company as soon as possible before the problems occur to the consumer.

Car computers has now an issue called cyber safety as the computer is a whole system that control main critical functions in the car including security and anti theft. One of the most serious problem in car computers nowadays is a remote hacking risk where the hacker can control the on-board computer without even being around.