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Guide how to verify your Facebook page with a blue tick

Verified Facebook Page

When moderating a Facebook business or fan page you may think about the blue verification badge that appears next to the name of verified Facebook pages. Generally speaking it is not quite easy to verify your Facebook page and acquire the blue tick next to your page’s name as this process may require some time and effort.

First of all you need that your Facebook page to be well maintained especially the about section of your page, you must add appropriate description for your page in the about section in addition to official website that links back to your Facebook page. adding YouTube and a twitter account in the about section will add benefit to the verification process. Your official website must be on a paid top level domain like .com, .net, .org. You can add a Facebook icon that links back to your Facebook page or you can add the Facebook like box or page plugin to your official website.

The next step is negotiating with the Facebook team to add the blue verification badge to your official Facebook page and this process can be done through this contact form link. You must be logged in to be able to use this contact form in which you can choose between verifying a Facebook page or your personal profile. When verifying your personal profile you must enter your full official name and send Facebook team a copy of your passport (official government ID). When verifying a Facebook page for a website or business the process may be a little bit complicated as you need to send Facebook a copy of the official document that proof your ownership of the name that you want to verify.

Facebook page Verifying process

At last it may not be easy to get the blue verification badge as it is not an automated process and it requires validation by the Facebook team also you may need to gain popularity on Facebook to acquire this blue tick.