How To Transfer Your Domain Name To Another Company

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In this tutorial we will overview the required steps to move your domain name from one registrar to another. This guide will work in different situations like:

  • You want to move your domain name from one registrar to another.
  • You’ve sold your domain name and want to move it to your buyer.

Please note that according to the ICANN rules you are prohibited from transferring a domain name for a 60 days period in case you:

  1. Newly Registered or transferred domain names must stay with the same registrar for a 60 days period.
  2. Updating the registrant contact’s organization (WHOIS Records) also triggers a transfer lock for 60 days.

Steps To Transfer a Domain Name

  1. Remove any WHOIS privacy on the domain records to make sure you are able to receive emails to address listed on the domain WHOIS records.
  2. Go to the current registrar and request the removal of the transfer lock on your domain (Unlock the domain name)
  3. Request the secret transfer code aka EPP code for your domain from the current registrar.
  4. Purchase a transfer from the new registrar and enter the required EPP code.
  5. Your new registrar will send a confirmation E-mail to the email listed in the WHOIS records. Sometimes you may have to click a link to confirm the transferring process.
  6. Once you confirm the E-mail the transfer process will proceed within 5 days.

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