What Is MarkMonitor ?


MarkMonitor is an American company which offers brand protection service against fraud and cybersquatting, it is the ICANN accredited domain registrar for the largest internet companies including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple and other major companies around the world.
When performing WHOIS lookup on any major domain for the largest companies like Facebook and Google you will notice that the domain registrar for these companies is MarkMonitor.

Why do large companies use MarkMonitor ?

The cybersquatting technique is when an individual register a domain name that includes a brand name with the intention of blackmailing or selling this domain to the original trademark holder company with a higher price. The cybersquatting technique of acquiring domain names is prohibited by the law of the United States of America. MarkMonitor is a company specialized in protecting world’s largest brands from fraud and counterfeiting on the internet, the company acts as a copyright agency that will protect major brands by registering the domain names that include words matching or similar to the trademark name. That is why all major online brands use MarkMonitor.
MarkMonitor helps other companies registering all possible domain names with similarities to their trademark.

How to register domain names through MarkMonitor

If you own a big website or organization you can contact MarkMonitor through their website as they don’t offer one click domain registration like other domain registrars.

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