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WordPress Installation Guide

WordPress is the number one web cms used to operate large number of websites on the internet. You can easily install WordPress on any Apache server with php support.

Steps to install WordPress

  1. Download WordPress package in your language Download WordPress
  2. Extract the compressed file contents
  3. Upload the contents to the public folder on your server via ftp Upload WordPress Files to server
  4. Make sure to upload the files to the correct directory where you want the website to be set up.
  5. Login to your phpMyAdmin and create a new MySQL database with any name and choose utf8_general_ci Creating WordPress database phpMyAdmin
  6. Navigate to your website url to launch the installation wizard from your browser WordPress Website installation
  7. Proceed to the next step and fill the data of your SQL database that you have created. WordPress Database configuration
  8. Fill your website data and enter the desired username and password for your WordPress Administrator WordPress User name and password
  9. After that your WordPress powered website will be all set up WordPress Install success